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EEE 391 Basics of Signals and Systems Computer Assignment I Due: 26 October 2011, Wednesday by 17:00 in the homework box Write your own MATLAB code to plot sinusoidal signals as a function of time. The program should be able to plot both sine and cosine signals of the form A sin( w o t + φ ) and A cos( w o t + φ ). Use the last two digits of your ID number as the A value; use the three digits before the last two digits as the f o value. Use the uniformly distributed random number generator in MATLAB to generate the phase φ of the signal randomly in the interval φ : [ - π, π ]. Select a suitable uniform sampling interval T s from the set [ . . . , 10 - 5 , 10 - 4 , 10 - 3 , 10 - 2 , 10 - 1 , 1] to increment the time (time units in seconds). a) Plot your results for two cosine and two sine functions whose parameters are generated as described above. Specify the parameter values A, f o , φ, T s that you have used in each case. The program should also calculate the time shift Δ
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