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3. Project Planning & WBS - PM ASP1001H v2009.1

3. Project Planning & WBS - PM ASP1001H v2009.1 -...

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Unformatted text preview: APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Chapter 3 – Project Planning and WBS v2009 Project Planning and WBS : Outline • Integration Management • Project Charter • Project Management Plan • Scope Management • Scope Statement • WBS • HR Management • Responsibility Assignment Matrix 3 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. 1 APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Integration Management Integration Management Develop project charter Develop project management plan Planning Initiating Direct and manage project execution Monitoring & Controlling Controlling Monitor & control project work Perform integrated change control PMBOK Guide Table 3-45, Fig. 4-1 Executing Closing Close project or phase 5 2 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Reminder: Project Life Cycle LEVEL OF EFFORT Concept PM Plan, Scope St’mt, WBS Charter Handover TIME Concept Planning Execution Closeout 6 Develop Project Charter: Inputs • There may already have been a needs assessment, feasibility study etc feasibility study, etc… • Maybe an RFP or contract from external customer • Or some form of “Project Statement of Work” • Business need • Initial scope description – requirements & characteristics • Fits organizations strategic goals • Business case • Business justification (i.e. cost-benefit analysis) PMBOK® Guide 4.1.1 7 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. 3 APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Output: Project Charter • • • • • • • Formally authorizes a project Assigns PM PM Provides authority for PM to expend resources Current understanding of customer requirements… …and product description if known Measurable objectives / success criteria May have summary budget, milestone schedule, high-level risks • Authorized by Project Sponsor, or PMO, etc. PMBOK® Guide 4.1 8 Develop Project Management Plan • Defines HOW the project is executed, monitored and controlled, and closed • Includes … • Subsidiary management plans (schedule management plan, cost management plan, risk management plan, etc), and • Project baselines (scope baseline, schedule baseline, cost baseline, risk register, etc…) PMBOK® Guide 4.2 9 4 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Develop Project Management Plan Collect Requirements Define Activities Estimate Activity Resources Define Scope Sequence Activities Estimate Activity Durations Develop Schedule Create WBS Develop Project Management Plan Plan Procurements Estimate Costs Determine Budget Plan Risk Ri Management Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Plan Quality Identify Risks Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Develop Human Resource Plan Plan Risk Responses Plan Communications PMBOK® Guide Fig 3-8 10 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. 5 APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS SUGGESTED PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Background Need Statement (or make reference to it) • • Project Scope Scope Statement WBS (or make reference to it) Scope Management Plan • • • Project Schedule Master Schedule Schedule Management Plan • • Project Cost Cost Estimate Cash Flow Cost Management Plan • • • Project Quality Quality Attributes - Requirements Quality Management Plan • • Risk Management Plan • Risk Management Plan • Risk Register Project Human Resources • Project Organization Chart • Staffing Management Plan • Responsibility Assignment Matrix Procurement Management Plan • Contract Packages Breakdown Structure • Pre-qualification Criteria • Proposal Evaluation Criteria • List of RFP Documents • Contracts Administration • Contracts Close-out Communications Management Plan • Project Directory • Document Distribution • Reports • Meetings Project Close-out Plan to capture Lessons Learned Plan to archive the project files • • Note that this is a suggested outline of a thorough project plan. The plan “may be formal or informal, highly detailed or broadly framed, based on the needs of the project.”5 5 6 PMBOK Guide, 1996 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Scope Management v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. 7 APS1001H 8 Module 3: Project Planning & WBS v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Project Scope Management Collect requirements Define scope Create WBS Planning Initiating Monitoring & Controlling Verify scope Control scope Executing Closing PMBOK Guide Ch. 5 12 Two Types of “Scope” “PRODUCT” SCOPE: Final deliverables – features and functions functions “PROJECT” SCOPE: The work that must be done to get there PMBOK Guide Ch.5 pg 104 13 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. 9 APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Define Scope • Inputs: • Project Charter • Requirements Documentation • Tools and Techniques: • Expert judgment • Product analysis • Systems analysis, systems engineering, value engineering • During planning, the scope is further developed… PMBOK® Guide 5.2 • Part of the “product-oriented processes” 14 Identify and Analyze Alternative Approaches • Identify objectives, requirements, constraints, etc from the preliminary scope statement th • Analyze stakeholder requirements • Identify alternatives • Early comparative estimates of cost and schedule • Choose preferred alternative PMBOK® Guide 15 10 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Define Scope • Output is the Project Scope Statement • Creates a baseline • Says WHAT will be accomplished • We can say what is “included” & “not included” • Contains the following… PMBOK® Guide 5.2 16 Output: Project Scope Statement • Product scope description • Product acceptance criteria • Project deliverables • Project objectives • Exclusions, constraints, assumptions PMBOK® Guide 17 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. 11 APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Create Work Breakdown Structure WBS: • “A deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of work … organizes and defines the total scope of the project” PMBOK Guide 5.3 and glossary 18 12 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE The concept of Work Breakdown Structure seems to have been first developed as part of P.E.R.T./Cost by the US Navy’s Polaris Missile Special Project Office in 1962. There is still controversy about the best way to develop a WBS. The definition on our presentation slide is from the PMBOK Guide – it says that the WBS is “deliverable-oriented”. Proponents of this approach tell us to break down the project by its product deliverables, and to use nouns in the naming of WBS elements. Others take a “taskoriented” approach, and therefore use verbs in the element names. In any case, it is important that the WBS breaks down the whole scope of the project into smaller elements each of which can be clearly assigned, and in a way that the structure of the WBS is a sensible structure for the schedule and the budget. v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. 13 APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS WBS Development Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Work Package 19 WBS – An Alternate Format 1 1.1 1.1.1 Work package 1.1.2 1.2 1.2.1 1.2.2 1.3 1.4 1.4.1 1.4.2 20 14 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. US Mil Std 881B Ass’y, Test, Integr’n Test Report Test Test Procedure Test Specification Operational Qual’n System Demo Operational Tests Vibration Tests Interface Card Sub. Computer Temp. Tests Development Tests System Test & Eval. Application Program Real Time Op’g Syst. DAC System Systems Engin’g Project Mgmt Management Maintenance Manual Operational Manual Manuals Technical Data Management Data Data DATA ACQUISITION (DAC) SYSTEM PROJECT A Sample WBS from Defense Training Facilities Maintenance Training Operator Training Training APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS 15 16 3.1 Functional Design 3. Design 3.3 Technical Design 2.2 Technical Reqmt’s 2.3 Operational Reqmt’s v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. 7.2 Documentation 7.3 Training Development 6.2 Regression Tests 6.3 User Acceptance 5.2 Unit Tests 7.5 Operations Handover Operations Handover 7.4 Training 7.1 Implementation Plans 6.1 Integration 5.2 Programs 7. Implementation 6. Tests 3.4 Program Design 3.2 System Design 2.1 Business Reqmt’s 2. Requirements Definition 5. Development 1. Project Management Systems Development Project 8. Post Implementation Review 4.3 Performance Specs 4.2 Program Specs 4.1 Functional Specs 4. Detailed Specifications Sample WBS For an IT Project – By Phase Phase APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. Interior Finishes Detailed Engineering Installation Commissioning Sanitary & Roof Drains Procured Items Fire Protection Windows & Doors Curbs & Sidewalks (TYPICAL) LPSW Structure Landscaping Monorail Potable Water Cladding & Roofing Storm Water HVAC Elevator Mechanical Foundations Demolition Arch/Civil Site Prep Fencing Site Development Development Active Drains Instrument Air Service Air Grounding Emergency Power Fire Alarms Lighting Power Distribution Electrical BUILDING PROJECT MCCR MoL Authorities Project Engineering (Overall) Procurement Project Management Management Municipal Security Monitors Da t a Network Telephone & PA Data/ Comm. Sample WBS For a Building Project APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS 17 APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS WBS and the Budget 1 $187,000 1.1 85,000 1.1.1 70,000 40,000 1.2 55,000 1.1.2 15,000 1.2.1 25,000 1.3 17,000 1.2.2 30,000 1.4 30,000 1.4.1 10,000 1.4.2 20,000 30,000 24 WBS and Responsibilities 1 Michelle 1.1 Michelle 1.1.1 George Eleanor 1.2 John 1.1.2 Michelle 1.2.1 John 1.3 Paul 1.2.2 George 1.4 Ringo 1.4.1 Ringo 1.4.2 Eleanor Penny 25 18 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS WBS - Why • Communication tool • Scope control mechanism • Helps prevent omission of products & services • Allows you to assign responsibilities • Provides structure & coding system for costs, schedule, contracts • Facilitates the use of PM software • Use “templates” for similar projects 26 26 WBS: How Detailed Should It Be? • Go down to the lowest level that needs to be monitored and communicated it • How big should the work packages be? 27 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. 19 APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS How Do We Recognize a Good WBS? 28 WBS – Related Definitions • “Rolling Wave” planning • Detailed planning for the near term • Less detailed planning (planning packages) for the longer term • WBS element numbering indicates the “parentchild” relationships relationships PMBOK Guide,, 29 20 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Answer: How Do We Recognize a Good WBS? • As much as possible, WBS elements should: • Be specific and identifiable • Be assignable to a unit or person • Be independent – separate • Elements must be integratable • Represent a measurable deliverable measurable deliverable • Have a scheduled start and finish • Have a budget in $ or labour hours • Try to use nouns 30 Reminder: Project HR Management Develop Human resource plan Planning Initiating Monitoring & Controlling Controlling Manage project team Acquire project team Develop project team Executing Closing 32 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. 21 APS1001H Module 3: Project Planning & WBS Human Resource Planning: Outputs • Organization chart • Staffing Management Plan • When and how • May include resource histograms • Roles and responsibility assignments • Responsibility Assignment Matrix • = Linear Responsibility Chart PMBOK Guide 9.1.3 33 Responsibility Assignment Matrix RAW MATERIAL PROCUREMENT PROJECT ASST TEAM DEPT MGR P.M. MEMBER MGR CLIENT Prepare bill of materials Contact vendors Visit vendors Prepare purchase orders Authorize expenditures Place purchase order Inspect raw materials Quality control testing Update inventory file Prepare inventory report Withdraw material R=responsible A=accountable C=consult I=inform 34 22 v2009.1 © Procept Associates Ltd. ...
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