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REQUIREMENTS FOR TEAM PROJECT PROJECT MANAGEMENT – aps1001h – FALL 2011 A team research report on a project which has been completed within the last 15 years, emphasizing “lessons learned” that we can gain from the project. Focus on management lessons, NOT technical lessons. Most of your lessons can be categorized into the PMBOK Guide knowledge areas if you choose to do so: Scope, Cost, Time, Quality, Risk, Procurement, Communications, Human Resources, etc. Use several sources – refereed journals (if available – for many of these projects they will not be), government reports, newspapers and magazines, personal interviews, websites. Please discuss your project choice with the instructor for approval first, and then identify it to the Teaching Assistant. Max Wideman’s PM Glossary at defines “lessons learned’ as: “The capture of what went well as well as past errors of judgment resulting in material failures, wrong timing or other mistakes, all for the purposes of improving future performance. The project team's learning from the project. Usually defined during close out.” The PMBOK Guide (PMI, 2004) says: “The learning gained from the process of performing the project.” Introduce the project to us, then tell us the lesson learned in one statement, then explain why you concluded that, then go on to the next lesson. They can be both good and bad examples. For each lesson, tell us something that happened or failed to happen. Did the project management team
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Requirement for Team Project saved 2011-06-13 -...

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