Mid-term-review - Arithmetic Operators: +, - , %, /...

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Mid-Term Review Exam Format and point distribution (tentative) ± Time: 1 hour and 20 minutes. ± Short questions 50 points Concept, short programming, small problem ± Given a problem write the C++ code – 50 points ± Closed book exam. What to bring to the exam? ± Pencils, pens, and erasers ± Please bring calculator ± Be on time How to prepare? ± Read the book. ± Keep the class notes as guideline. ± Work on relevant exercises at the end of the chapters. ± Write the code, execute and check the correctness on Visual C++ environment. ± Stop by my office or send email to me for any questions you may have.
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Topics for the Test ± Chapters 1-6, and numerical algorithms ± All the concepts, algorithms covered in slides and books. ± General concepts about computer systems, number system ± Problem solving steps and Simple C++ programs Data types: char, int, double, Boolean, string
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Unformatted text preview: Arithmetic Operators: +, - , %, / Relational operators: > >= <= != == Boolean operators: && || Simple input/output Preprocessor commands Pseudo code/algorithm writing Topics-contd Control Structures if statement if. .else statement switch statement Repetition statement: while, for, do. .while, break, continue Relational operators. . Logical operators Objected Oriented Programming Class, object, inheritance File streams; cin, cout, ifstream, ofstream Functions Random number generation Parameter passing - pass by value, passing by reference Scope: local, global Storage class: automatic, external, static, register Arrays Sorting algorithms: selection sort Search: sequential, binary String...
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Mid-term-review - Arithmetic Operators: +, - , %, /...

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