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Unformatted text preview: Computer Techniques for Electronic Design II (ESE 224) Quiz for chapter 1 Period: 10 minutes 1. Instructions and data could be stored in a) The arithmetic logic unit (ALU). b) Cache on CPU c) The Memory d) Hard Disk. e) The monitor. 2. Please reorder following options according to compiling procedure a) Object File b) Source Code c) Executable Program d) Compile e) Linking 3. Which of the following statements are correct? a) A CPU consists of an ALU, Cache, and the control unit. b) Object file could be executed directly. c) A computer program is the implementation of an algorithm d) C++ is a super set of C Language. 4. Assume the default INT size is 8‐bits long, and it could be signed or unsigned, the data in it is 111110112, which value could it represents in decimal? a) ‐3 b) ‐5 c) 251 d) 123 e) 0 5. Convert following numbers: a) 1110010102 ‐> Octal b) 11010001102 ‐> Hexadecimal c) 93621610‐>Octal d) 132.2510‐>Binary Solutions: 1. b, c, d 2. b, d, a, e, c 3. a, c, d 4. b, c 5. a) 712 b) 346 c) 3444430 d) 10000100.01 ...
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