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Week 7 I feel that the results of the test were inaccurate because of the age adjustment factor, which is indicated before my score. My feeling is that intelligence is ageless. Consider a young person without the benefit of higher education life experience; the test would perhaps not accurately gauge their intellect. However, the questions that were asked could indicate different angles of assessing intelligence. I think the test was biased in some ways. First of all, the test wasn’t controlled. Test takers could have received help from other sources while taking the test. Secondly, the test was in English which means depending on the English skills of the person taking the test, the results could have varied.
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Unformatted text preview: To be honest I do not like the fact that the scores are being used to compare me with another person. I believe that we all are different in our different ways. Therefore I do not think that our IQs should be judged. I dont think the results of this test should be used to compare me with another person. Though I feel that the test provided accurate results, it was biased in many ways. Also, by comparing two peoples scores, it could ultimately cloud the judgment on the two and affect negatively when making decisions. IQ test is not an aptitude test. All it provides is the IQ of the person taking a test. Just because the person has lower IQ, it doesnt mean he or she is not capable of handling tasks....
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