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ETH 125 Week 2 Checkpoint - this result is on how fast you...

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April 1, 2011 ETH-125 Implicit Association Test
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For this classes week 2 checkpoint I was to take a Harvard-hosted Implicit Association Test or IAT, for my test I chose the Race IAT. The result of my IAT it was stated that I favor people of European origin over African origin when it came to my reaction time. I do not believe that this test produced valid results in my case or in any case to be truthful because the second time I took the test it said I favored African origin over European. I believe the reason for this is having to push keys on a keyboard over and over and then suddenly having to switch sides as to what you need to push. Part of
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Unformatted text preview: this result is on how fast you press the key once you see a word or picture and if the sides are switched anyone would have to hesitate. In my opinion I do believe that it is difficult to accurately measure prejudice because I do believe that it is hard to truly see how someone thinks. I truly believe that no matter how much someone, even sociologists, try they will never be able to really measure prejudice no matter what any reading or chapters will tell us. There are always surveys or tests such as the one I took for this assignment that can be used to try and measure prejudice but with my experience it does not work....
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