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Week 3 - CheckPoint Plate Tectonic Theory

Week 3 - CheckPoint Plate Tectonic Theory - your own...

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When it comes to talking about plate tectonics you must talk about a scientis that came up with the theory of the continental drift in 1912. His theory included the thought that all the continents once was a supercontent and where at one time joined together which what named Pangaea. Many thought he was crazy to think that the continents could move and there have been many arguments over the years that this is true. After viewing the animation you can see that the continents and all islands do fit together like a puzzle which can also be shown my see the way rocks and fossils are the same in different continents. A way to show how plate tectonics move can be show in a simple experiment you
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Unformatted text preview: your own kitchen. If you boil a pot of water you can get a little bit of an idea on how the plates move. As the water gets hotter it becomes less dense and you will be able to see it rise to the top, you should also know that the water around the rim is warmest because it is closest to the burners. At the surface of the pot it is much cooler. The water at the bottom is pushing the water at the top out of the way. When the water begins to cool you notice that less is going on. The water at this point has become denser and is starting to sink. On the Earth’s mantle the same thing is happening but on a much bigger scale....
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