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215-Lab1B-Plating_yeast - Lab 1B Plating yeast Lab1B...

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Lab 1B – Plating yeast 1B-1 Lab1B: Plating yeast containing the mutagenized plasmid During this project you will be screening a pool of yeast strains containing plasmids with a mutated gene. This will be covered in class in detail in the following weeks. Your first experiment in this lab will be to spread a yeast culture containing cells with the mutated plasmids onto petri plates. As will be discussed in lecture, these plates are lacking nutrients that are essential for the yeast to grow. Only those yeast cells that contain a mutation in the gene we are investigating will be able to grow on the plates. Next week, you will pick a few colonies and grow each so that you can test the phenotype of the mutant, isolate the plasmid DNA, and sequence the gene. 1. Each group should have the following items on their benches: 2 SD-leu trp petri plates (with green and purple lines) 2 SD-leu petri plates (with green lines) A glass vial of sterile glass beads Although each group will be sharing reagents, each person
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