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215-Lab10B-Yeast_Streakouts - Lab 10B Yeast Streakouts Lab...

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Lab 10B Yeast Streakouts 10B-1 Lab 10B: Yeast streak outs for LacZ assays You will need to come into the lab on Friday, Nov 12, between 7:00 -9:00 AM or 1:00 -3:00 PM to set up the streakouts of the cultures of your yeast transformants. In the last couple of labs you have assayed for the ability of your mutants to silence transcription of the TRP1 gene at the mating loci. We also want to examine if your mutants can interact the Sum1 and Rfm1 proteins to repress transcription of middle sporulation genes. To test this you purified the plasmids containing your mutants from the yeast strains that you used to test silencing and last week transformed them into a yeast strain containing the SMK1:LacZ reporter to test repression. In this lab you will streak out one colony from each transformation onto fresh plates. Next week you will perform an assay to determine if your mutants can repress the SMK1:lacZ reporter.
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