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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 of 9 General Psychology 01:830:101:07 [Index: 08540] Spring 2010 Instructor: Dr. T.J. Musumeci-Szab Office: 633 Tillett Hall, Livingston Campus Email: Office Hours: Tuesdays 11:30-2:00 & by appointment Teaching Assistant: Sara Detrick Office: 333 Tillett Hall, Livingston Campus Email: Office Hours: TBA Class Location: Room 111, Science and Engineering Building (SEC), Busch Campus Class Meetings: September 1 st- December 13 th , Monday and Wednesday, 7 th period, 6:40-8:00 p.m. Text : Huffman, K. (2009). Psychology in action (9th Edition). New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons. A copy is on reserve at the Library of Science and Medicine, Busch Campus: Available for 2 hour in-library use. Course Web Page: Course Description and Objectives: I am happy to welcome you to General Psychology: a course chock full of information you will be able to use in everyday life, starting right now. Within the next 16 weeks you will learn why it is so hard to keep New Years resolutions, whether the SAT is a good test and why we shouldnt trust everything Dr. Phil has to say. Along the way to answering these questions you will be provided with opportunities to participate in research, improve your writing, as well as sharpen your library and web browsing skills. Psychology is a very diverse field covering everything from the working of nerve cells to the influence of groups on behavior. A survey course such as this cant cover any of the subfields in great depth, and so the goal of this course is to briefly expose you to each of the subfields so that you can leave with a basic understanding of the breadth of psychology. If at the end of the term your curiosity gets the better of you and you are hooked on psychology, we can discuss upper level psychology courses you can take after this one to explore your unresolved questions. How to succeed in this course: a) (When) should I read the text? Start reading now. Class discussion and lecture will begin each day with the assumption that you have read the text assigned for the day. Lecture will supplement and NOT replace the text. For best results, read the assigned chapters BEFORE the session for which they are required. Be sure to consult the syllabus for specific page numbers before you read as the order of the readings for class does not always match the order in which they appear in your text. b) (When) should I come to class? Skip at your own risk. I won't grade you on attendance, but I often cover material not found in the text. Since this information usually turns up on the exams, you would be well advised to come to class as often as possible. If you must miss class, make arrangements to copy class notes from one of your classmates....
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General_Syllabus_Fall+2010 (1) - Page 1 of 9 General...

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