Week 6 Assignment - Reading and Writing Development Jessica...

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Reading and Writing Development Jessica Corcoran AED 202 Kelly Flemm May 16, 2011
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I think when it comes to children and their physical developmental process every child goes through the transition differently and not at the same neither time nor alike. The two developmental ages I find most fascinating was early are early childhood and adolescent years. When early childhood is going to school it usually starts when the child is about 5 and they are entering kindergarten and they are having all of these emotions, such as separation anxiety and the surroundings of a new place. It’s fascinating to me how children adapt to being away from their parents and how the school environment can help a child out so much. During adolescent years the child is going through new emotions, such as experiencing new things and hanging out with the right or the wrong crowd and never really knowing the emotions that their body is going through. During the early childhood I would expect to see a child struggle at first with separation anxiety but then that would go away within the first month of school and what not, then I would expect to see frustration because they are learning new things yet they are not understanding and that can be frustrating for a new child who is in new surroundings. Early childhood a child is learning so many new things and their brain is adjusting just as much as their body is to all of
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Week 6 Assignment - Reading and Writing Development Jessica...

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