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Chapter 4: Analyzing the Marketing Environment A Marketing Environment Analysis Framework By paying close attention to customer needs and continuously monitoring the environment in which a firm operates a good marketer can identify potential opportunities. Successfully Leveraging Company Capabilities successful marketing firms focus their efforts on satisfying customer need that math their core competencies. Apple noted there was a trend for sleek music players and made the iPod. Building Relationships with Corporate Partners building a relationship with others, and can take advantage of a good JIT system with eachother. Macroenviromental Factors Macroeconomic factors are aspects of the external environment that affect a company's business, such as competitors, demographics, social / cultural trends, technological advancements, economic conditions, and political/ regulatory factors. CDSTEP Competitors predicting new product launches and anticipating marketing campaigns help firms remain competitive by allowing them to develop similar products. Competitive intelligence to collect and synthesize information about their position with respect to their rivals; enables companies to anticipate market development rather than merely react to them. Reviewing public materials including websites, press releases, industry journals, annual reports, subscription databases, permit applications, patents applications, and trade shows.
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CH04-AnalyzingTheMarketingEnviroment - Chapter 4 Analyzing...

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