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Unformatted text preview: Introduction Introduction to Health Sciences to Health Sciences HSCI 101 Course Director: Dr. Wei Zheng TAs: Mamta Behl ([email protected]) Amy Amy Blaugh ([email protected]) Andrew Cupp ([email protected]) Cupp HSCI 101 Goals Goals of HSCI-101 To introduce the basic concepts in th health sciences To To introduce a wide variety of specialty areas in health science specialty areas in health science professions professions To To introduce the faculty of the School to students for future interactions to students for future interactions HSCI 101 Teaching Teaching Faculty Academics: Faculty at HSCI Allied Health Professions: Medical doctor Dentist Physical therapist Physical therapist Public Health Professions: Business: Others: US-EPA US-CDC, US-FDA Life Plus, LLC Doctoral student HSCI 101 Class Class Format Classroom Classroom lecture, Q&A at the end (please send your questions to Dr. Zheng or TAs). No No official textbook for this lecture series. Handouts Handouts and reading materials. Pay attention to key words of each lecture. Be Be sure to check the website for class information prior to the lecture. HSCI 101 Web Web Access to Course Material Materials Google “zheng purdue”, Google “zheng purdue”, under Dr. Zheng’s personal web page, there is Dr Zheng’s personal web page there is a link to the course website link Visit Visit Purdue Health Sciences Web page https://courses.pnhs.purdue.edu/yacs2/hs https://courses.pnhs.purdue.edu/yacs2/hs ci101/ HSCI 101 Time Time and Location Time: Time: Tuesday, Tuesday, Thursday 9:30 - 10:20 am Location: Location: FRNY (Chemical Engineering), Room G140 Offi Office Hour: Friday 10:00-11:30am, CIVL-1201 10:00CIVLTuesday 10:30am to Noon CIVL 1201 Tuesday 10:30am to Noon, CIVL-1201 Class Policy Class Policy HSCI 101 SignSign-in Policy: Sign-in process closed 20 min after nlecture starts Class Class Rules: No cell phones in the classroom cell phones in the classroom No small talks in the classroom HSCI HSCI 101 Tests Tests and Grades Attendance: Attendance: 25% Frequency: Frequency: Quiz: 25% MidMid-term exam: 25% Final exam: 25% Format: Format: Multiple choices Sources of Test Questions: Key words InIn-class presentation Handouts ...
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