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Unformatted text preview: School of Health Sciences HSCI 101 Occupational Health Science (Industrial Hygiene): “Occupational Diseases – Getting Sick at Work” Occupational Neil J. Zimmerman, Ph.D., P.E. CIH Associate Professor of Industrial Hygiene Office: CIVL 1263A Phone: 494-1439 E-mail: [email protected] mail: [email protected] Lecture Key Words IH IH AREC AREC OSHA OSHA PEL PEL TLV TLV toxicity toxicity hazard hazard Outline What is Occupational Health Science? What Why is OHS important? Why What is Industrial Hygiene? What What does an Industrial Hygienist do? What Where does an Industrial Hygienist work? Where Case studies Case What is Occupational Health Science? Sometimes referred to as Occupational Health & Safety (OHS or OH&S) Health safety professionals - study and reduction of study acute accidents acute occupational nurses and physicians treatment of workplace injuries and illnesses industrial hygienists - study and study reduction of chronic illnesses chronic Why are we so concerned about workplace health & Safety? Workplace Statistics - current Workplace per year injuries 4,300,000 deaths (accidents) 55000 1 every 7 seconds 1 every 96 min illness deaths (illness) 1 every 1.6 min 1 every 10 min 330,000 50,000 Allstate ad, back cover of 8/13/07 Time magazine Text from Time Allstate ad: “If 12 jumbo jets went down, the public If outcry would be staggering. But that many teenagers dying every year barely makes the headlines.” headlines. carnage “Allstate thinks it’s time the time stopped. We’ve identified some solutions stopped. ve that can help:” that An estimated 55,500 Americans die every year due to injuries and An illnesses occurring on the job. “More people die every year (in the US alone) due to their jobs than han died in the entire Vietnam War!” Neil J. Zimmerman died “More people die every year (in the US alone) due to their jobs than han any other non-disease cause!” Neil J. Zimmerman any Dying from work is the 8th leading cause of death in the US Why doesn’t the public, the government, care? Would a modified Allstate ad help? 110 approximately 55,500 workers die due to accidents and illnesses. modified Allstate ad, back cover of 8/13/07 Time magazine Imagined Text from Time Allstate ad: “If 110 jumbo jets went down, the public If 110 jumbo outcry would be staggering. But that many workers dying every year barely makes the workers dying headlines.” headlines. “Industrial Hygienists think it’s time the time carnage stopped. We’ve identified some carnage ve solutions that can help too!” solutions 1968 - Sec’y of Labor Wirtz: “Congress must act to stop a carnage that Congress continues only because people can’t see continues see the blood on the things they buy, the food they eat and the services they get.” they 1994-Ass’t Sec’y Labor Joe Dear: “The workplace is the ‘forgotten environment’ .“ What is Industrial Hygiene? “...that science and art devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and evaluation and control of those environmental factors or control of stresses, arising in and from the work place, which may cause sickness, impaired health and well-being or significant discomfort and and being inefficiency among workers or among citizens of the community.” citizens What is an Industrial Hygienist? A scientist scientist A researcher researcher A diplomat diplomat A manager manager A teacher teacher A problem-solver problem A trouble-shooter trouble A detective detective What is an Industrial Hygienist? We DO investigate health hazards DO investigate in the workplace! in (We DON’T clean teeth in factories!) DON clean (We DON’T clean toilets in factories!) DON DISEASE DISEASE What does an IH do? Inspect the workplace Inspect Identify health hazards Identify Sample the work environment Remediate and control Remediate Provide training to workers and management management Recognition of Hazards hazard assessment hazard exposure potential exposure types of hazards types chemical chemical biological biological Recognition of Hazards physical physical physiological physiological psychological psychological Evaluation of Hazards exposure assessment exposure air sampling air comparison to standards/guidelines comparison OSHA ACGIH - Control of Hazards purpose: to reduce or eliminate the hazard purpose: methods: methods: substitution substitution isolation isolation ventilation ventilation administration administration and Anticipating the Hazard by meeting with engineers by by specifying in orders by by learning from past mistakes by Where does an IH work? Industry Industry Government agencies Government Consulting firms Consulting Universities Universities Unions Unions Laboratories Laboratories Military Military Insurance companies Insurance $alarie$ ??? $alarie$ IH at Purdue!! BS and graduate programs and Nationally recognized and accredited (ABET) Nationally Strong science/math orientation Strong Exciting summer internships available Exciting Strong emphasis on professionalism Strong Good background for pre-med Good NEW Occupational Health Science (IH) pre-medicine track pre Gives you a “plan B”! Industrial Hygiene experiment Noise •Adding the noise of two sound sources •As easy as 2 + 2 = 4?? • 85 db + 85 db = 170 db ?? Industrial Hygiene experiment Ventilation •blowing vs. suction – which seems more effective? Industrial Hygiene Case Study #1 BOLTS US Facts Facts make lead coated bolts, nuts screws, etc. make melt lead melt workers given and wearing dust masks workers routine blood tests indicate high blood leads routine workers eating lunch in work area workers Investigation Investigation exposure exposure potential diagnosis solution - Industrial Hygiene Case Study #2 BOILERMAKER WELDERS, INC. •Facts • 5 welders doing repairs inside a boiler • symptoms - fatigue, chills, muscle aches symptoms •Investigation • exposure • exposure potential • diagnosis • solution - Industrial Hygiene Case Study #3 CANDY ANDY Facts Facts different flavor fudges made in large vats different need to clean between flavors need organic solvent - bucket and rag worker dizzy, sleepy worker Investigation Investigation exposure exposure potential diagnosis solution - Industrial Hygiene Case Study #4 REPRODUCTIONS UNLIMITED Facts Facts small copy shop with 3 employees small make prints of precision engineering drawings make lots of solvent used for cleaning metal surfaces lots workers have headaches, tightness in forehead workers Investigation Investigation exposureexposure exposure potentialexposure diagnosisdiagnosis solutionsolution INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE Science & Engineering + Medicine + People = A Challenging & Rewarding Career ...
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