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Chapter 6 - Cellular mechanisms of development

Chapter 6 - Cellular mechanisms of development - Cellular...

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Cellular mechanisms of development Overview of development - Development is the successive process of planned, gene-directed changes throughout an organism’s life cycle - Four processes bring about the changes: o Celldivision & cleavage o Differentiation o Pattern formation o Morphogenesis Morphogens - Molecules that affect developmental fate - Initiate and terminate the four processes - Bring about cell determination - Can be proteins, mRNAs, or other molecules - Obtained in a couple of different ways: o Inherited in cytoplasm from the egg: cytoplasmic determinants o Received as signals from other cells: induction agents Cytoplasmic determinants - Deposited in egg cytoplasm during oogenesis o Cytoplasm contains many different determinants o Each is localized to a particular part of the egg o Cells inherit a portion of the egg cytoplasm; thus different sets of cytoplasmic determinants
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o Puts cells on different developmental trajectories o Especially active early in development Induction -
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