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Homework 1: Due 4/14/10 ECE 165, Prof. Buckwalter 1 For these problems, feel free to take a look at the model file in the TSMC directory. You might also see this useful link http://www.ece.uci.edu/docs/hspice/hspice_2001_2-171.html Problem 1 . DC Behavior. Use the 0.2um CMOS Models. 13 Points A) Calculate the maximum current strength for a minimum size (W = 0.3u, L = 0.18u) NMOS device at Vds = 1.8. Determine kn and Vsat for the NMOS device. (3) B) Calculate R eq from (3.42). (3) C) Calculate the maximum current for the PMOS device for Vds = -1.8. Determine kp and Vsat for the PMOS device. (3) D) Calculate the R eq . (3) C) Find the ratio of the maximum strength for the NMOS and PMOS devices. (1) Problem 2 . Inverter Capacitance. Assume a size ratio of PMOS to NMOS of 2 to 1 for an inverter. A) For your inverter, calculate the capacitance that exists at the input (gate) and output node. Use appropriate approximations for the drain and source capacitances and assume the minimum size NMOS device and PMOS device that is scaled according to your answer in part A. 72 points
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