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Homework 4 Due 5/21/10 ECE 165, Prof. Buckwalter 1 Problem 1 . Full Adders. (60) One important building block of arithmetic logic is the full adder. You will need to analyze this circuit carefully as it is a critical block. The full adder takes three inputs, A, B, and carry in, and computes two outputs, S and carry out. A) Consider implementing the full adder using simple combinational gates with fan-in of two/ three. Draw a circuit (logic) schematic for the two functions above. (5) B) Calculate the minimum delay from C i to C o if F = 1. (7) C) Calculate the minimum delay from C i to S if F = 10. Which is slower? (8) D) The carry circuit is particularly important to speed. A fast carry circuit is shown below. Deter-
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