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Project 2 Due 6/04/10 ECE 165, Prof. Buckwalter 1 1. Introduction: Accumulation Accumulators are important parts of microprocessors and digital signal processors. Let’s say you want to average a number. You must first accumulate some range of numbers. The accumulator is a discrete time integration. Each cycle the input word is added to the previous result of the addi- tion. You will add numbers provided by an 16b source I provide you and accumulate the result until we reach 65535. Try to operate your accumulator as fast as possible OR as low power as possible. Generate a signal when the sum has been surpassed. 2. Project Constraints You may work with at most two other people on this project. All three people are expected to turn in a single report and netlist file. The report may not be longer than 10 pages. Be concise. Use the TSMC 0.18um transistors included in the NCSU CDK and no more than a 1.8V supply.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Report The report should be concise and include the following components (in a font above 9 pt): i) a description of your adder architecture (provide a block diagram or schematic). (1 page) (10%) ii) a careful analysis critical path (slowest path) in the adder. Provide a calculation of the mini-mum clock period. (2 pages) (20%) iii) if you find a critical path, detail how you can make the circuit faster. Providing a before/after picture of the improvement lends to creativity in the maximizing speed (1 page) (20%) iv) simulations that demonstrate the correct operation. I will provide you with a reference number generator. Please show the 8b output from the accumulator and the carry-out pin that indicates overflow. (1 page) (20%) v) Quality of report (30%) (i.e. written content, legibility, neatness, schematics) 10 points will be added to the fastest accumulator....
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