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biol 313 exam 3 blue_answers0 - Biology 313 Exam 3 March...

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Biology 313 – Exam 3 March 14, 2008 For this exam use the BLUE score sheet Fill in your student ID on the BLUE score sheet Choose the one alternative to best complete the statement or answer the question. 1) Which protein class directly controls many of the metabolic reactions within a cell? A) enzymes B) repressor proteins C) structural proteins D) hydrophilic proteins E) operator proteins 2) Genetic regulation in eukaryotes can take place at a variety of levels from transcriptional to posttranslational. What type of regulation is NOT associated with eukaryotic gene expression? A) polycistronic transcription B) intron processing C) enhancer binding D) chromatin remodeling E) mRNA transport to cytoplasm 3) Which of the following clusters of terms applies when addressing enhancers as elements associated with eukaryotic genetic regulation? A) trans -acting, fixed position, fixed orientation B) trans - and cis -acting, variable position C) cis -acting, fixed position, fixed orientation D) cis -acting, variable position, fixed orientation E) cis -acting, variable orientation, variable position 4) When examining the genetic code it is apparent that A) there can be more than one amino acid for a particular codon. B) there are 44 stop codons because there are only 20 amino acids. C) AUG is a terminating codon. D) the code is ambiguous in that the same codon can code for two or more amino acids. E) there can be more than one codon for a particular amino acid. 1
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5) A pirate’s favorite amino acid is: A) asp- Aarrr -tic acid B ) pro- Yo-Ho-Ho -line C) Aye!- soleucine D) Aarrr -ginine E) all of the above!!!!!! 6) Ultraviolet light causes pyrimidine dimers to form in DNA. Some individuals are genetically incapable of repairing some dimers at "normal" rates. Such individuals are likely to suffer from A) phenylketonuria. B) muscular dystrophy.
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biol 313 exam 3 blue_answers0 - Biology 313 Exam 3 March...

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