carbo 3 - Todays Agenda Upcoming office hours Monday 2-3...

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• Carbohydrates Part 3 (Tollen’s reagent demo!) • Enolates Part 1 Important dates Nov. 28 th Enolates Part 2 Reading Quiz Nov. 30 th ACE carbohydrates & Enolates Part 1 (Part 2 will not be Today’s Agenda Upcoming office hours: Monday 2-3, Tuesday 3:30-5 (note change!), Wednesday 12-1 for grades because it will be “due” during the exam period) Dec. 12 th Bonus Survey Due (link to survey will be available on Vista on Dec. 3 rd ). Announcements Post midterm 2 Review Session Tonight 5-7 in BUCH A101 (we will have one next week as well, TBA) Midterm regrades due Tuesday 5:00 pm Learning objectives • Predict the products of reactions of glucose and other carbohydrates – hemiacetal/hemiketal formation to form pyranoses and furanoses – acetal/ketal formation to form glycosides ydrolysis to emiacetals/hemiketals nd to – hydrolysis to hemiacetals/hemiketals and to aldehyde/ketone form (open chain form) • Draw the mechanisms of hemiacetal/hemiketal formation, glycoside formation, and hydrolysis reactions • Predict the products of oxidation and reduction reactions of carbohydrates Disaccharides - sucrose Type of linkage:_____________ Reducing sugar: Yes/No
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carbo 3 - Todays Agenda Upcoming office hours Monday 2-3...

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