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University of British Columbia STAT 200 - ELEMENTARY STATISTICS FOR APPLICATIONS 2011/12 _______________________________________________________________________ _______ Course Description : Classical inferences about means, variances, linear regression and analysis of variance, using computers. Emphasis on problem formulation, assumptions, and interpretation. Objective : This course provides the basic statistical toolkit required for the understanding and use of a range of methods for both summarizing and analysing data, giving a platform for further study of applied Statistics. The emphasis in the course will be the application of these methods to real life situations from Science. Prerequisites : One of MATH 101, 103, 105, 120 or SCIE 001. Textbook : Moore, D.S. and McCabe, G.P. (2012): An Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (7th edition). Freeman. It would be fine to use the 6th edition of the text. However, we may assign reading and suggested exercises based on the 7th edition. We may not provide correspondence
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STAT200course_outline2011-12T1 - University of British...

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