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Unformatted text preview: ollowing reactions, predict which reaction is faster, and indicate the type of the reaction (SN1, SN2, E1, E2): (a) NaOMe A Br DMSO OMe NaOMe B Br MeOH OMe (b) NaCN A I DMSO CN NaCN B I DMSO CN (c) A B Br MeOH OMe Br MeOH OMe Page 5 of 8 © Prep101 Q8 (12 marks) Give the structure of the major product in each of the following reactions. Write “No Reaction” if you think no product will be formed under the reaction condition. I NaOMe, MeOH ? o 60 C (a) NaCl, DMSO ? OH (b) Me Br Me (c) OTs Et (d) Me H t BuOK, tBuOH ? 60oC NaI, HMPA ? Pag...
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