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Unformatted text preview: e 6 of 8 © Prep101 www.prep101.com/freestuff Q9 (12 marks) The same starting material can be used to obtain a number of products by using different reagents. Provide the reagent(s) for each of the following reactions. Some reaction(s) may contain more than one step. A OH O OMe O O B OMe O O OMe OH C OH O D Q10 (10 marks) Provide a detailed mechanism for each of the following reactions: (a) NaH, Et2O HO O Br (b) OH conc. HCl Page 7 of 8 OH © Prep101 www.prep101.com/freestuff Q11 (9 marks) Consider compounds A-E below: Using the letter notation A-E, identify:...
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