The final exam will be a case study

The final exam will be a case study - end customers with...

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The final exam will be a case study. You will be alerted on the case two weeks before the exam. You will have to answer five (5) questions related to both Strategy Formulation and Strategy Implementation. Strategy Implementation will go into more details on issues of People, Motivation and Leadership, Organization Structure and Process, Strategic Control and Evaluation, Quality Improvement and mid term operational Tactics. What would you do to help your company grow and be successful? 1- Historical success is no guatantee for future success without an accurate market forecast and a sound strategy. Your report focusses a description of HAGL current operation and projects. 2- Is the current real estate market in Vietnam a bubble that will soon burst like in Japan and the US? Could the Vietnamese economy sustain real estate cost on average 7 times higher than in the US? HAGL strategy seems to focus on the high end RE market, should it move more toward low
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Unformatted text preview: end customers with social calling? 3- Natural rubber is mixed with synthetic rubber such as SBR, ABS to make high quality tires. If scientists develop new technology to replace 100% natural rubber with synthetic rubber withould compromising quality, what should HAGL do with its rubber plantation? 4- Vietnam currently has plenty of luxury hotels with very few clients due to poor tourism planning and depressed tourism market. Would it be wise to put more money into those luxury hotel facilities? 5- How would HAGL capture synergy between its diversified businesses? 6- What areas with highest growth and profitability level would your team recommend that HAGL put more investment in? These are strategic issues that I want your team to analyze and build long term strategies for HAGL....
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