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Problem Set 3_answers - Problem Set 3 Biology 313...

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Biology 313, Principles of Genetics Due Monday March 10, 2008 Name____________________________________________ 1) (3 pts) (1A) How are heterogeneous nuclear RNA (hnRNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA) related? hnRNA is the primary transcript that is processed into mRNA; hnRNA is pre-mRNA; hnRNA is processed into mRNA. (1 pt) (1B) Where in the cell would each type of RNA be found? hnRNA - nucleus (1 pt) (1C) List the 3 major processing events required to make mRNA? Addition of 5’ cap Addition of poly-A tail Splicing of introns and ligation of exons (1 pt) 2) (4.5 pts) The nontemplate strand of DNA has the following base sequence: 5'-CGCGGTTAGGTATAATT GACGCGT ATGAGA GCTGTT CTGCTC CTTTTT AGTAAA CCTTAA TGAGCT-3' (2A) Underline in the above sequence an important cis -acting promoter element and provide its name. -10 region or Pribnow box; also accepted TATA or Goldberg-Hogness box. (0.5 pt) (2B) Find the open reading frame and write the corresponding mRNA sequence starting with the 5' codon. The first START codon (ATG) is shaded, which sets the reading frame. Every 3 bases are read until the 1 st in-frame STOP codon (underlined) is reached. mRNA =
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Problem Set 3_answers - Problem Set 3 Biology 313...

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