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AE 383 SYSTEM DYNAMICS Homework 3, Due July 13 th 2006 Consider the system shown in the figure below. The bar A-A’ has no mass. The spring constant k = 2000 N/m and the damper constant b = 12000 N-s/m . 1. Determine the equation of motion for this system. ( F is the input and x is the output) and find the output x(t), for t > 0 , for the following inputs by using a) analytical methods (Laplace transform or method of undetermined coefficients) b) transfer function block in Simulink c) state space block in Simulink The three inputs are: i.
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Unformatted text preview:    ≥ < = 100 ) ( t N t t F ii.    ≥ < = 100 ) ( t t N t F iii.    ≥ < = ) ( t t t t F (Ramp Input) d) For the ramp input what is the “steady-state error” and the “steady-state time lag” of the system? 2. Determine the Laplace transfer function and the sinusoidal transfer function for the system. 3. Write a Matlab program to plot the frequency response of the system. Do both linear and logarithmic plots and show the important parameters of the system on these plots....
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