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AE383 System Dynamics Homework #5 Due: December 27, 2004 1. The following 2 nd order system is given: 2 100 () 20 100 Gs s ζ = ++ . Using Simulink obtain the response of this system to step input for various values of the damping ratio, ( 0.1, 0.3, 0.7, 1., 1.5) = . Comment on your results. (Hint: Run simulations for 10 seconds, and use ode45 with a sufficient relative tolerance). 2. Repeat the above question, however, this time using a unit ramp input. 3. Examine the conditions of stability for the proportionally controlled feedback system, given below: 2 1 (1 ) ( 5 ) p s ss s = + 10 10 Hs s = + 4. Plot the response of the following transfer functions to unit step inputs using Simulink. From your plots obtain maximum percent overshoot, rise time, delay time and settling time. Also calculate these transient performance values using simple formulas given
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