HW4 - In shear center calculations you should only consider...

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AE 362 Aerospace Structures, Spring 2010-2011 HW # 4 (due May 2 nd Monday) 1- The two cell box beam given below is subjected to a CW torque of 4000 Nm and vertical shear force of 6000 N. i) Using the direct approach, form the linear system of equations for the shear flows and carry out the solution for the shear flows by a computer package such as Matlab, Mathcad or Excel. ii) Determine the angle of twist per unit length. iii) Determine the shear center location by carrying out solution of linear system of equations Notes: In class we solved the force and torque problems separately. In this problem you are asked to perform a single solution which includes both load cases. You can check your results by superimposing the results obtained in class due to torque and shear force.
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Unformatted text preview: In shear center calculations, you should only consider the vertical shear force and exclude the effect of the torque. Submit your codes together with your results. Given: A stiffener =4 cm 2 G=30 Gpa q 1 q 2 q 3 q 4 q 5 q 7 q 6 20 cm 15 cm 25 cm T=4000 Nm F=6000 N 2-Calculated the shear flow distribution and stringer loads at the mid-span of the tapered box beam given below. Note that the bottom part of the box beam does not have taper. Note: Before attempting to solve this problem, go over the note linked together with the homework Given: All dimensions are in cm A stringer = 5 cm 2 for each stringer F=8000 N F=8000 N 10 40 15 30 250...
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HW4 - In shear center calculations you should only consider...

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