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BS Law Ex 1 Q 7 - Orbison song “Pretty Woman” A group...

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James Tilley BAA 3210 BS Law Exam I, Q 7 The fair use doctrine does grant non copyright holders limited use of copyrighted materials. The environmental organization copied the entire essay and used it in a different manner in which it was intended. My question; was the essay copyrighted? If it was then Henry can sue for copyright infringement, the complete essay is not covered under fair use. If the essay was not copyrighted then Henry has little he can do other than to make a public statement stating his difference in opinion on the matter. I am going to assume that Henry’s essay was copyrighted, and I believe he would prevail in court due to the amount of text that was being taken without permission. An example is the Roy
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Unformatted text preview: Orbison song “Pretty Woman”. A group called” 2 Live Crew” produced a parody of the song. The copyright holders never gave permission to remake the song. The court ruled that a parody qualified as fair use and remanded the case. Another is the Kinko’s case they tried to use chapters of books without permission and call it fair use. Kinko’s was ordered to pay a half a million dollars in damages. Lastly is in the Napster case they tried to use the fair use doctrine saying that the music was once purchased then it was traded over the internet freely. Napster was ordered to block its uses from trading music....
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