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BS Law Ex 1 Q 8 - Napster was taken to court by the music...

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James Tilley BAA 3210 BS Law Exam I, Q 8 Billy can take the competitors to court and explain how they are using his ideas to make a profit. The copyright infringement law will allow the copyright owner to obtain the entire profit made by the competitors. He must prove that their idea was copied without permission from the rightful owner. I would tell Billy to refer to the Copyright Revision Act of 1976 on how to copyright the book about the TowRack. An example of copyright infringement is Ty Inc. the maker of “Beanie Babies” at the top of there popularity a company GMA Acc. Inc., produced a stuffed toy identical to one of the very popular Beanie babies. The court ruled in favor of Ty Inc. and prohibited GMA Inc. from producing that particular stuffed toy. Another example was with Napster the popular music website where anyone could download copyrighted songs for free.
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Unformatted text preview: Napster was taken to court by the music industry and musical artist for copyright infringement. The court held Napster has contributory copyright infringement and that the individuals that went on the website and downloaded the songs were guilty of the infringement. A third example was the well known Kinko’s printing store. Kinko’s was providing colleges and universities packets at the request of the professors that contained excerpts from copyrighted materials. The copyright holder did not pursue the professors but the bigger name Kinko’s. When in court Kinko’s tried to argue that it was “fair use” the problem was they copied several pages not just a phrase or sentence. The court granted the copyright holders over $500,000 in damages....
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