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BS Law Ex 1 Q 9 - had occurred accessing the software...

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James Tilley BAA 3210 BS Law Exam I, Q 9 If I were Jack I would call the company that wrote the program and inform them of the problems with the software. I would ask them to replace the software with a new program. If my requests were not fulfilled I would ask to end the agreement. Jack entered into the access contract he agreed to access for a reasonable amount of time or a certain number of uses. The change in the content of the computer software is not a breach of contract unless it conflicts with the terms in the license. The difficulty that Jack
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Unformatted text preview: had occurred accessing the software isn’t a breach of contract either. It is permissible to have reasonable downtime, failure, and maintenance periods. It is also acceptable and doesn’t constitute a breach of contract for any problems that are normal to business and trade actions. In my opinion I don’t think Jack will be allowed to terminate his contract or a new program. Jack is experiencing normal software updates or maintenance periods that are causing the difficulties....
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