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BS Law EX 1 Q 10 - Finally using Monte Carlo in a larger...

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James Tilley BAA 3210 BS Law Exam I, Q 10 After the internet came to exist there were several agencies that obtained domain names of big businesses. The reason they obtained large company’s domain names was the hopes of selling them to the rightful owners for a large profit. The Federal Dilution of 1995 was enacted to prevent individuals from obtaining large companies domain names just to sell them to the rightful owners. When Jacob goes to court with General Motors he can argue the fact that Monte Carlo is somewhat general and that he wants it to represent a gambling style. The words Monte Carlo are part of a larger domain name that will be used commercially. It will be hard to over come the fact that the name Monte Carlo is synonymous with a certain Chevy car and it is also a name of a city.
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Unformatted text preview: Finally using Monte Carlo in a larger domain name for another business doesn’t dilute General Motors of the car that has the same name. An example of court cases over domain names is when Julia Roberts wanted to establish her web site. The court ruled in favor of Roberts due to the domain name being purchased in bad faith. The well known singer Sting tried to obtain Sting.com but the court would not change the rights to him. The word sting is a generic word that can be used in different ways. When the owner of Armani wanted to create a web site he found that the domain name was taken. When he took the owner to court the court ruled in favor of the original owner because it represented his initials....
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