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BS Law Exam II, Q 4 James Tilley BAA 3210 The workers compensation act covers injuries that occur while at work and on the job. In this situation Sam was injured golfing with former clients while on a family vacation. The sole reason for Sam to be there was for personal reasons and just happened to find former clients in the area. Sam can not claim this injury because it was not in the line of duty, job related, or vaguely job related. If the company owned a golf course and clients came to enjoy a complimentary game and an injury occurred it would be covered. The exclusive remedy of workers compensation does not allow workers to sue their
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Unformatted text preview: employers for damages. The only possible way is if the employer intentionally caused injury then a lawsuit is permissible. The only option for Sam is to find the person that injured him with the golf ball and take them to court. The workers compensation act does not exclude third parties from a lawsuit to recover any damages that they may cause. Sam cannot recover any damages from his employer due to injuries occurring on a family vacation. Sam can sue the golfer that caused the injury for damages that they caused....
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