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Marketing Research S2, E2, Q1 James Tilley, 104202 There are four types of primary scales; normal, ordinal, interval, and ratio. Normal scale uses tags or labels for identifying and classifying objects. An example of normal scale is license plates on cars to identify the person and their location. Another example is when you balance your checkbook the check number identifies a particular transaction. An ordinal scale uses a ranking system to express the relative extent of the object. An example would be the college football standings. Teams are placed on a scale based upon their records and performances. Another example is a weekly radio count down. Songs are ranked based upon their popularity. Interval scale uses numbers that have equal distance between to place objects in order. An example is a Consumer Reports test on any object. Consumer Report will place the test items on a scale from one to four indicating the best and worst. Another example is
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Unformatted text preview: when you complete a survey on a product and are asked to rate their products on a number scale. Ratio scale uses the three previous scales and adds an absolute zero or starting point to the scale. An example is rating the TV show by the number of viewers that watched the show. Another example is the amount of money that a movie made during the opening weekend. I have been assigned to conduct a research project on ferret food. I would use the normal scale to identify my delivery trucks by numbering them. I would use the ordinal scale to rate my ferret food based upon my competition with my market. I would use the interval scale to rate the stores that sell the most ferret food and make me the most profit. I would use the ratio scale to indicate my advertising dollars in different areas based upon their results....
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