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Marketing Research BBA 3231 James Tilley, Sec 1, Ex 1 Q 1 If I were a new manager of a small business looking for product, and customer information I would hire the services of an external supplier. Externals suppliers are outside marketing research firms that collect data usually for smaller business but larger business may also use external suppliers. External suppliers can range from as little as one person up to corporations. External suppliers can offer full or limited services depending on what research information is needed to be obtained. Full services suppliers conducts more in-depth research such as syndicated, customized, and internet services. These services can provide information on problem definition, developing an approach, and assisting with a report presentation. Limited services are also done by external suppliers that research’s specific area or areas within the business that require no other data. There are firms that offer customized services the services are designed to best meet
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Unformatted text preview: the business needs. If the business I was working for had a website internet services would be another assist I could use. Internet services are usually used by larger businesses that rely on the internet more. Field services firms could be another assist I could use to collect data. Field service firms collect data in specific ways or several ways such as us mail, face to face data, or telephonically. There are curtain criteria I would look for in a research firm. The reputation of the firm from prior business would be a good indicator if the firm would meet my expectations. Another aspect is the firm’s timeliness and quality of work and ethical standards while obtaining the data. How much experience the firm has, their outcome when conducting similar projects that meets my business needs. I would gather and compare all of the information from the firms I researched and hire the one that would best suit my needs of a small business manager....
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