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Marketing Research BBA 3231 James Tilley, Sec 1, Ex 1 Q 2 If I had just taken over a candy company and its market shares started to fall, I would conduct market research to find out why. I would either hire a external firm or use my internal suppliers within my company, for this question I will use internal means to conduct the research. When defining the research problem there are steps that will aid to ensure the problem is correctly defined. One is to allow my research team to gather and obtain all of the information needed to identify the problem, while ensuring the research team continues to make progress. Once the research has been conducted there will be a broad statement released. After the broad statement is completed it will provide specific components of the problems. When the specific problems have been identified I can take
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Unformatted text preview: action that will correct the problems. At this time I would begin to develop an approach. There are certain components that I would follow such as analytical framework and models. There are research questions and a hypotheses followed by specification of the information that is needed. I would develop a analytical model starting with a graphic model, then a mathematical model. I would not conduct a verbal model due to more effective models. At this time with the information I had gained I would develop a set of research questions and hypothesis that will allow me to establish components, for every problem there should be components to aid is solving the problem....
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