Marketing Research BBA 3231S1,E1Q4 - Marketing Research BBA...

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Marketing Research BBA 3231 James Tilley, Sec 1, Ex 1 Q 4 Executive Summary The James Tilley marketing agency is proposing a way to identify the reasons behind the recent loss in market share and recommendation on how to correct the issues. Research Objectives The objective of the research is to identify exactly what the cause or causes were that have lead to the recent loss of market shares to other candy companies. When the research is being conducted we will also obtain ways to correct the cause or causes to regain market shares. Our goal is to surpass the previous market share results and become the leading candy manufacturer in the market. Research Design Field work consisting of interviews will be the main means of collecting data and conducting research. There will also be surveys conducted by mail, telephone, and email. Some of the questions that will be asked are favorite types of candy consumed, how often, and why. If our particular candy is not mentioned we will ask why not and what could be changed to encourage them to purchase our candy. What are the reasons they do not purchase our candy, and do they normally
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Marketing Research BBA 3231S1,E1Q4 - Marketing Research BBA...

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