Marketing Research Course Project - 1 James Tilley...

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James Tilley Marketing Research BBA 3231-06C December 9, 2006 Professor Mark McKnight 1
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top contender within the coffee market. The product that I will collect research data is for my coffee business. I have recently started a coffee business and I need to collect data such as what market I will target and their buying motives. The first step in my collection strategy will be to gather ideas for previously collected data sources. I would exhaust all resources of collecting data before hitting the streets and conducting field work. I would use any secondary data both internal and external that had been collected initially for other reasons. I would also use general business data to obtain any information that will be beneficial to my research goals. These methods would assist in cutting costs and may eliminate the need for certain research to be conducted. After I have collected and combined all of my secondary research data I would construct a plan that would guide my field research. My field research will vary from conducting surveys, samples, and face to face in super markets where my product is sold. The audience that I will be targeting will be coffee addicts such as me. This market is typically males; ages vary from mid twenties through mid fifties. I will initially target the middle class with incomes ranging from $18,000 to $88,000, and eventually target the upper class with incomes over $100,000. I will target the people that must drink two –four cups of coffee to get their day started and start to shake if their need isn’t met. Once my primary data from the middle
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Marketing Research Course Project - 1 James Tilley...

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