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Marketing Research S1,E1,Q6 - company wanted to find out...

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Marketing Research BBA 3231 James Tilley, Sec 1, Ex 1 Q 6 There are two forms of secondary data; internal and external. Internal secondary data is information within the organization that was collected for a previous reason. External secondary data is information collected by other organizations for various reasons. Internal secondary data should be the first attempt to obtaining needed information because the data is already on hand and only needs to be reviewed for a particular need. There are several places that secondary data can exist; accounting records, sales reports, and operational reports. Over the recent years secondary data increased in popularity and many organizations have created data warehouses. Data warehouses are centralized where data from the entire organization and all departments are collected. Organizations are also constructing customer databases that input certain data about their customer. If a
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Unformatted text preview: company wanted to find out how many customers are interested in a particular area, they can conduct a search called data mining and send sales ads to just those customers. External secondary data is broken down into two sources; general business sources and government sources. General business data is collected from several areas; newspapers, magazines, and trade shows. Government sources are the largest source of secondary data in the world. One major area where data is obtained is the Census Bureau. The Census data is broken down in areas such as age, sex, and marital status. Other valuable data such as consumption details such as automobile ownership, housing types, and work status, all of these areas are needed for locating your target market for your products....
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