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Marketing Research S1,E1,Q7 - Scanner panels is data...

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Marketing Research BBA 3231 James Tilley, Sec 1, Ex 1 Q 7 The three types of syndicated data that I will describe are surveys, electronic scanner data, and media panels. There are three types of general surveys; periodic, panel, and shared. Periodic collect data on the same set of variables on the same set of intervals but with different groups of people. Panel surveys measure the same groups of people over a period of time using different variables. Shared surveys are collected and used by several different clients that often share the same needs. Electronic scanner data is divided into three types of data; volume-tracking data, scanner panels, and scanner panels with cable TV. Volume–tracking data is collected every time a purchase is made from an item that has a Universal Product Code (UPC). When a purchase is made the UPC is used to track areas such as brands, size, and price. This data is collected nationally and is used for sales and reordering of products.
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Unformatted text preview: Scanner panels is data collected by giving the consumer an identification card, every time the consumer goes to check out of the store the card is used to record their orders. The data that is recorded is brands purchased, sizes of items, and amount spent. Scanner panels with cable TV - this type of data allows companies to advertise only to their target market group or where they are trying to gain market shares. Media panels are electronic devices that automatically record a consumers viewing behavior. When a consumer watches TV data such as channels watched, time viewed, and pay per view events ordered. Longitudinal data allows companies to measure brand loyalty, usage, and price sensitively over time. I would most prefer the electronic scanner data because I find out what my target market is purchasing and who my competition is. When changes are made to my products I can see the results through the scanner data later on....
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