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Marketing Research BBA 3231 James Tilley, Sec 1, Ex 1 Q 8 The first step in establishing a focus group is to design the environment. The environment is usually an informal conference room with an electronic means of recording the discussion. It is important that the members are relaxed and comfortable with the atmosphere. The session usually lasts one to three hours and discusses their beliefs, feelings, ideas, and attitudes about the products. The next step would be to recruit or select the groups members. If the topic that is being discussed is large with little in-depth discussion then 8 to 12 members is the usual amount of participants. When the topic requires in-depth discussion then a mini group consisting of four to five members can be used. The members of the groups should have similar product knowledge, usage, and demographics. These characteristics will ensure harmony and reduces conflicts. The next step is selecting a moderator for the group. The moderator of the group must be
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Unformatted text preview: well trained and have a very vast knowledge of the topic being discussed. The moderator must be able to build rapport with all the members and have the ability to hold the members together and keep the discussion moving. The next step is to prepare an outline of what will be discussed. There must be an outline to guide the flow of the discussion to insure success from the focus group. Often discussions are in three parts; the introductions (build rapport), main body (topic discussion), and closing (recapping and finalizing). Next is actually conducting the focus group. This is accomplished by applying all of the above steps preferably in this order to insure that all areas are covered. Lastly is preparing the groups report. When the focus group is complete the results must be compiled and a report must be prepared and presented to higher personnel....
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