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Marketing Research BBA 3231 James Tilley, Sec 1, Ex 1 Q 9 Surveys are used to obtain information through a series of questions. There are four methods of conducting surveys; telephone, personal, mail, and electronic. I will discuss two advantages and two disadvantages of each. The telephone interview is conducted by calling large numbers of people at any given time. Using the telephone you can contact people quickly and collect data all from the office. It is moderately inexpensive, if you are calling local it is free, if calling long distance then a small charge is applied. Some disadvantages are the amount of time to ask questions before the person hangs up, and complex or in-depth questions cannot be asked. Personal or in home interviews are face to face interactions with the person. Some advantages are that physical stimuli such as visual aids or hand outs can be shown. When conducting personal interviews questions can be in- depth and opened ended. Some
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Unformatted text preview: disadvantages are the amount of time to contact a large number of people. In todays society both parents are working thus no one is at home to be interviewed. Mail interviews can be conducted in several different ways from postal mail, e mail, and faxes. Mail interviews are conducted by sending out a questionnaire to collect data. When conducting surveys via e mail you can contact much greater numbers very quickly and the responses can be analyzed just as quick. The cost of conducting e mail surveys is low, they can be sent out on a global scale. Some disadvantages, we often delete the surveys or send to junk mail resulting in a low response rate. No complex questions can be asked and questions can often be answered over and over again. I would use a mix of all four until I found the one that works the best for my area, my targeted market, and my budget versus response rates....
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