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Marketing Research BBA 3231 James Tilley, Sec 1, Ex 1 Q 10 Internal validity is a measurement in accuracy of an experiment. My explanation is what caused the effect. The way I would establish internal validity would be to conduct a marketing experiment in my new job. I would only conduct the experiment (ferret food) in a few stores with minimal changes so that the changes could be identified as to why. It is very important not to change too many things at once so that the cause can be known. I would track days of the week, time of day, and locations within the store the experiment took place. I would also track if my experiment were to cause any decrease in sales so
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Unformatted text preview: that a readjustment could be made quickly. External validity is being able to identify the cause and effect of the experiment. When the cause has been identified, it must research if it can be replicated in a larger market. If the experiment was successful in a small market, it could have different effects in a large market. Where was the experiment conducted, in a controlled environment or a field environment? Information such as this could have large effects if the external doesnt replicate the internal studies....
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