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Marketing Research S2, E2, Q2 James Tilley, 104202 If I were to evaluate the four different types of scale I would rate them based upon the data I was trying to convey. The normal scale is the simplest and can be used in numbering similar objects to identify them apart. The normal scale is not effective for reasons other than labeling objects Ordinal scale is beneficial because is ranks objects based upon peoples opinions, perceptions, and preferences. Interval scale would be beneficial by placing your competition on a number scale to express how they are ranked throughout your targeted market. Interval scale is useful because it places value on objects and places them in order. The ratio scale requires the
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Unformatted text preview: most time to compile because it is all four scales together. The ratio scales may offer too much data depending on what information was requested. I would recommend the ratio scale simply because it is a combination of all four combined. It allows you to classify, rank, and compare the objects and their differences. I would be able to provide numerous types of data within the four different scales. I feel it is better to have the data and not need it than need it and not have it. If the data is not used then it maybe used as secondary data at a later point in time....
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