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Marketing Research S2,E2,Q5 - Marketing Research S2 E2 Q5...

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Marketing Research S2, E2, Q5 James Tilley, 104202 If I were tasked to create a questionnaire I would use the ten step process as a guideline to ensure I covered all the basics. In this question I will gather coffee consumption data to be used for primary data for my coffee business. The first step would be identifying the information needed. I am conducting the research to identify how many people consume coffee, amounts consumed, brands used, average age of consumers, and average income of consumers. This type of data will assist me in identifying my primary market compared to my targeted market. I would be able to adjust my marketing and advertising dollars to maximize my return. The second step would be to choose a type of interviewing method to gather my research data. I would check secondary data and find what research methods achieved the best results for my area in the past. I would prefer a face to face method with about ten short open ended questions. This method would take a little longer but the data collected would be more valuable. The third step determines the
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