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Marketing Research S2,E2,Q6 - samples of small cups of...

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Marketing Research S2, E2, Q6 James Tilley, 104202 I would have approximately three to four teams consisting of three to four personnel each. I am still using the coffee consumption data as my purpose for the research. The items I would use for the questionnaire are clipboards, radios or cell phones. I place the teams in well populated two teams in shopping malls and two in grocery stores. I would first get permission from the store managers to eliminate any problems in the future. I would use coupons as my ice breaker to draw in participants and maybe offer
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Unformatted text preview: samples of small cups of coffee if I needed to increase my results My goal construct would be brand loyalty, consumption, and attitude toward my brand. My item being the questionnaire would allow me to access how my brand is viewed with the public, age and income of consumers of my brand. I would obtain data such as popular flavors versus regular coffee, sizes of containers purchased. Depending on how cooperative the person I could obtain ideas on how to improve my products image with consumers....
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