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Marketing Research S2, E2, Q7 James Tilley, 104202 If you are conducting a questionnaire but are receiving a low response rate there are some areas to re-look. The first thing is to identify what area of the questionnaire is achieving substandard results. Once the area is identified determine what is contributing to the low response. A few questions to ask yourself are, is the information too sensitive and how legitimate is the question being asked. Another area to re-look is the amount of effort it takes the people to participate in the questionnaire will certainly deter predication. The
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Unformatted text preview: questions should take minimal effort to answer and multiple choice questions will boost your results. If I were receiving a 10% response rate in my questionnaire I would stop the research. I would call all of my research teams in for a meeting and ask them where the problem lies. If all the teams are having a problem in the same area then it is a questionnaire problem. I would change the questions or maybe remove them from the questionnaire. If one team is having a problem then I would change or remove the team members that are having difficulties....
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