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Marketing Research S2, E2, Q8 James Tilley, 104202 An observational form is used to record the reaction to products being tested. The observation form has no questions, only areas to record the behavior, reactions, etc. associated with trying a new product. I am the project manager conducting research on three different flavors of coffee. The boss only wants to produce the most popular flavor of the three. I would conduct a taste test using the three flavors and record the consumers observation to gain data on the flavor to produce. My research would be conducted at different supermarkets throughout the city where my brand is sold. I would give
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Unformatted text preview: participants a sample of the new flavors and record their response. I would first ask them to smell the coffee and look for types of body language they express. There are numerous types of body language that are both positive and negative. I then ask them to taste the coffee; do they draw back thus showing a negative response or a smile with an up and down head nod showing a positive sign of agreement. I would record responses from all three flavors on separate observation forms. Once all the research has been conducted review the results and prepare a presentation to give to the share holders on my findings....
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