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Marketing Research S2,E2,Q10 - coffee I would set up a...

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Marketing Research S2, E2, Q10 James Tilley, 104202 Nonprobability samplings are a technique that relies on personal judgment and not chance selecting procedures. Probability sampling is making sample judgments from the chance of being used based upon the population. I would prefer nonprobability over probability because coffee drinkers come in all shapes and size. It can be hard to pin point what people are in your market. If I were to use probability sampling I would target ages 30-40 with medium incomes, but I know there are many other people that drink
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Unformatted text preview: coffee. I would set up a table in a supermarket or mall and give samples of my coffee. Only the people that drink coffee would try the sample and data could be collected. Even though there is a low probability that everyone that walks by drinks coffee, I am placing my samples in areas where they are still likely to be used and research data is gained instantly. If the consumer enjoys the product they can purchase it while they are in the store thus providing instant results....
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